Protect Your Car's Paint Job

Our experts apply Icon Rocklear coatings in Schoolcraft and Portage, MI

Protective coatings make cleaning and upkeep easier, but how do you choose the right option? At Pristine Clean Detail and Ceramic Coatings in Schoolcraft and Portage, MI, we're proud to offer the durable Icon Rocklear coating. The hydrophilic properties of this coating make water and dirt slide right off paint, giving you a spotless vehicle in even the harshest weather conditions.

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What makes Icon Rocklear a great choice?

When you want to protect your car, you can't go wrong with Icon Rocklear. This coating is:

  • Cost-effective when compared to ceramic coatings
  • 75 times stronger than traditional ceramic coatings
  • 35 times thicker than ceramic coatings
  • 30% glossier than ceramic coatings
  • Chip- and scratch-resistant
Additionally, Icon Rocklear is backed by a 15-year warranty with no yearly inspection fees. If your coating is damaged, we'll resurface it to make your vehicle look perfect and pristine.